Welcome to the Farm Bureau!

 The Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership, non-profit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent the commodities grown in our county.   It has an ongoing, close working relationship with the U. C. Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Commissioner. 

 Farm Bureau serves as a political arm of the farmer speaking out on local, state and national issues that affect the agricultural commodities we raise. We also promote education of our members and the community on agricultural-related issues.

 The purpose of Farm Bureau is to surface, analyze, and solve the problems of farmers, ranchers, and loggers — representing the needs and interests of all El Dorado County farming families. 

Announcements - El Dorado County

Employment Opportunity- Executive Director


Busy El Dorado County Farm Bureau is seeking applications for an Executive Director.  The successful applicant should be an effective written and oral communicator, capable of supporting the agricultural community in general, and representing our Farm Bureau with other entities such as local government, Ag in the Classroom, and the local Water Quality coalition to represent the county’s farmers, ranchers and foresters.


They will also work closely with the Board of Directors to develop and implement a new membership program, promote consumer awareness of the benefits of agriculture, and the purchase and consumption of locally grown agricultural products.


Interested applicants should submit work experience and a brief summary of their qualifications to: El Dorado Co. Farm Bureau, 2460 Headington Road, Placerville 95667 or email to jobs@edcfb.com.  Position will remain open until filled.


Zoning Ordinance revision
The El Dorado County zoning ordinance is currently undergoing environmental review.  We will let you know when the next draft is available for comment.  In the meantime, to get informed on the proposed ordinance, go to the county’s website.  

If you are a commercial agricultural operation or if you plan to be one in the future, you may request the county to keep your land zoned for agricultural use.  For those who are engaged in commercial agriculture, being zoned properly will ensure that you are protected from impacts associated with increasing development.  The Board of Supervisors will consider your request for agricultural zoning when they analyze the impacts of the proposed Zoning Ordinance.  To “opt-in” is to say “Yes, I want to be zoned for agriculture both now and in the future”!

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