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 The Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership, non-profit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent the commodities grown in our county.   It has an ongoing, close working relationship with the U. C. Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Commissioner. 

 Farm Bureau serves as a political arm of the farmer speaking out on local, state and national issues that affect the agricultural commodities we raise. We also promote education of our members and the community on agricultural-related issues.

 The purpose of Farm Bureau is to surface, analyze, and solve the problems of farmers, ranchers, and loggers — representing the needs and interests of all El Dorado County farming families. 

Announcements - El Dorado County

WE ARE: Your Voice for Agriculture

WE ARE:  Your Voice for Agriculture

What if, on November 5th and beyond, you wake up and wonder if you were wrong because on Tuesday, November 4th you voted to irrevocably change the agricultural landscape of El Dorado County? 

At hand is the issue of ballot measures that threaten to infringe upon a way of life and a local industry by a small group of self-appointed people who do not understand the true depths and needs of the agricultural industry.  On the pretense of “protecting agriculture”, they are simply tearing down fences that we will continually mend or rebuild to protect our own farms and working landscape.  We, as the farming community, see these measures as a blight to agriculture, along with the far-reaching negative impacts, loss of revenue and shrunken tax base that our entire region will experience if our land use is altered—it is something none can afford.

The El Dorado County Farm Bureau recommends a “NO” vote on Measures M, N and O on November 4th, 2014…we cannot chance that El Dorado County's beneficial and historic cultural past will be irrevocably changed.

Farm Bureau Opposes Measures M - N - O
The Farm Bureau Board of Directors voted to oppose all three county ballot measures that will be on November's ballot.  To see more regarding the Farm Bureau's concerns about how these initiatives could cause long-term damage to agricultural regions of our county, read our newsletter.  Click here
El Dorado Community Foundation Taking King Fire Donations

The El Dorado Community Foundation has opened a KING FIRE FUND .  They are working on something to put on the Website that will be easily recognizable that folks can link into.  But, meanwhile, anyone can simply click on the DONATE NOW Button and the drop-down menu inside of that form lists the KING FIRE FUND as a gift designation choice.  Log on to www.eldoradocf.org for more information.

2014 Fire Damage Agricultural Assessment Form

The El Dorado County Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures has created a form  to track Ag damage due to fire. We will make them available to our members who may have experienced livestock and private timber damage, and/or structure and equipment damage from the King Fire.  Please call or e-mail us if you need the form or the Ag Department at eldcag@edcgov.us, (530) 621-5520.

Zoning Ordinance revision
The El Dorado County zoning ordinance is currently undergoing environmental review.  We will let you know when the next draft is available for comment.  In the meantime, to get informed on the proposed ordinance, go to the county’s website.  

If you are a commercial agricultural operation or if you plan to be one in the future, you may request the county to keep your land zoned for agricultural use.  For those who are engaged in commercial agriculture, being zoned properly will ensure that you are protected from impacts associated with increasing development.  The Board of Supervisors will consider your request for agricultural zoning when they analyze the impacts of the proposed Zoning Ordinance.  To “opt-in” is to say “Yes, I want to be zoned for agriculture both now and in the future”!

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