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El Dorado Ag Center "The Hub"

The Farm Bureau Ag Hub serves as agriculture’s key site for sharing knowledge and resources – all in one convenient location. Centrally located in Placerville, it is the place for agricultural groups to hold meetings and exchange ideas.

The purpose of the Ag Center is to bring together multiple organizations connected to the business of agriculture, fostering improved communication and collaboration, with a more efficient use of space and time.

Program and Purpose

Community Agriculture Center:  Cultivating Growth Together


Welcome to the El Dorado Agriculture Center, a hub of innovation, collaboration and sustainable growth for farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, non-profit organizations and growers associations.  Join us in fostering a thriving agricultural community where knowledge is shared, resources are abundant and partnerships flourish.

It is our desire to create:

  • Shared Facilities: Our center provides office, meeting and event space, shared by our sister organizations and available for use by our community.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with our stakeholders, fellow growers, and community organizations through mixers, networking events and industry intensives.

  • Educational Programs: From workshops on sustainable farming practices, DIYs and seminars on pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor in agriculture, our comprehensive educational programs cater to all levels of expertise.

  • Resource Library: Access a wealth of information related to agriculture and related fields. 

  • Community Gardens:Nurture involvement in community gardening and share the harvest with organizations such as Food Bank of El Dorado and The Upper Room.

Supporting Growth

Join us in cultivating a resilient, thriving agricultural community.  Your support not only contributes to the success of individual farmers and organizations but also helps secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Together, let’s sow the seeds of prosperity, innovation and community at the El Dorado Ag Center.  Join us today and be a part of El Dorado County’s  agricultural revolution.


Individualized sponsorships can offer custom benefits, such as:


  • Increased opportunity for exposure with your target audience.

  • Part-time office space to meet with potential clients.

  • Featured display for marketing materials or products.

  • Invitations and participation in on-site community events.

  • Host your own event 

  • Marketing on Ag Center publications and advertisements.

  • Community recognition as a premier supporter of the future of El Dorado County agriculture.

Our Vision:

At the Agriculture Center, we envision a future where agriculture is not just a profession but a way of life that sustains, nourishes and connects communities.  Our mission is to provide a platform for  residents, organizations and associations to come together, learn from each other and drive positive change in the agricultural industry.

Becoming a Stakeholder

By partnering with El Dorado Ag Center, you’re aligning your business or organization with a movement that values sustainability, knowledge sharing and community support.  Benefits of partnership include:

  • Brand exposure: Showcase your commitment to agriculture and sustainability to a diverse audience.

  • Collaborative Projects: Engage in joint initiatives, projects and events that drive positive change in the agricultural sector.

  • Networking: Connect with a network of industry professionals, potential clients or members and like-minded partners.

  • Event Sponsorship: Gain visibility by sponsoring workshops and events.

Currently we offer:


  • Office space: Be it shared or semi-private, full or part-time, places are available to work or meet with key members of our community.

  • Meeting space:  Host your organizational meeting, class or workshop in our private meeting room which accommodates 16-30 persons, depending on the need for tables. 

  • Virtual office: A location to receive mail and meet with clients in a professional setting.

  • Outdoor event space: Our almost 1 ½ park-like acres is available to host your event.

As we grow, the Ag Center boasts future potential. 

By sponsoring a program at El Dorado Ag Center, you can:

By sponsoring a program at El Dorado Ag Center, you can:


  • Offer help for a local non-profit to participate in Center programming.

  • Assist youth programs to utilize facilities for educational or fundraising needs.

  • Provide a resource for expansion to improve community services.

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