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About Our Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau is a local membership, non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting your interests and the interests of agriculture in our county.  Our organization works from the ground up, relying on many dedicated volunteers who contribute hundreds of hours on agriculture’s behalf each year.

In 1917 the El Dorado County Farm Bureau (EDCFB) was formed and we joined the California Farm Bureau Federation in 1919.  We formed a mutual benefit membership non-profit corporation in 1946 and currently represent some 900 member families in the county, 300 of which are actively involved in farming.


The purpose of Farm Bureau is to surface, analyze, and solve the problems of farmers, ranchers, and foresters — representing the needs and interests of all El Dorado County farming families.

The county Farm Bureau Board of Directors decide on issues at the local level and provide the resources to help represent agriculture’s priorities at the local, state, and national levels.  We are your advocate . . . if it affects El Dorado County agriculture we are involved!

Our Mission:  Protect, promote, and enhance the economic opportunities and long-term viability for El Dorado County farmers, ranchers, and foresters.


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Strategic Goals

Goals.  Together we can ensure that agriculture remains viable into the future of El Dorado.  The Board of Directors adopted the following goals for the organization to keep it strong and poised to represent the interests of our members:


1.     Communication.  Enhance our communication with the public by providing news releases or statements publicizing our positions and events.


2.     Provide Leadership.  Provide leadership and important information to other local agricultural organizations so that we can form strong coalitions.


3.     Governmental Regulations.  Fortify and better organize our efforts to fight off damaging government regulations.


4.     Technology.  Encourage the organization and our members to better utilize electronic communication, including the development of the website to inform and take action on key issues.


5.     Fiscal Limits.  Strengthen the financial resources of the organization to better represent its members.


Being Proactive

Local Action:  With the many challenges facing our community, we need your help . . . more voices make our concerns more known. If you are interested in receiving updates on local issues affecting agriculture, sign up for an e-newsletter subscription or send us an email from the
Contact Us page letting us know the areas that interest you.


Advocacy:  There are many ways to accomplish the goals of fulfilling the Farm Bureau’s mission.  In order to be effective advocates we need
your support.  If you are interested in being kept up-to-date on state legislation that could harm agriculture you can join CFBF's Farm Team.  You will receive notices and an opportunity to voice your opinion when it counts!


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